Concrete power float machine for sale

concrete power float

Concrete power float machine is also called as concrete finishing machine, its major structure is a trowel rotor, there are four slice of trowel blade on the middle of the rotor. Slant direction of trowel blade is the same as that of rotor, trowel blade rotates when gasoline engine drives v belt. It is able to construct 50-100 sq . It is a coarse and fine finishing equipment for concrete surface.

Power float machine is widely used for slurry, troweling and finishing of concrete. It is a preferred tool in concrete construction of high standard factory building, warehouse, parking, square and frame style building. Floor constructed by that machine is flatter and more smooth compared with that constructed by labor, compaction and abrasive resistance is significantly increased.

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Product features

  • Ride on operation relieves working strength and enhances working efficiency.
  • It can install two trowel, it can execute fast muding.
  • Machinery rotation, sensitive operation system, easy and comfortable operation. Changeable gears. For high gears, speed of the trowel rotation reaches to 180r/min, finishing operation is faster, effect is better, while low speed allows the trowel plate more powerful.
  • Equipped with large-motor and electric-start engine, provides powerful and reliable impetus.
  • Automatic cut off switch can shut down switch and ensure safety.
  • Angle of trowel blade can be adjusted through control of screw.
  • Waterworks and lighting design make it convenient to construct.
concrete power float machine
concrete power float machine

Usage and operation process

  • Check if electrical machinery, electrical switch, cable and connection are normal and in accordance with specification, install leakage protector.
  • Check and clean sundries on trowel plate, to avoid the whole machine throb.
  • Begin to test run after connection of power supply, blade rotates clockwise, reverse rotation is not allowed.
  • Operator should wear insulated shoes and gloves, auxiliary personnel who takes cable should also pull on insulated shoes and gloves.
  • When examine and repair power float machine, the power supply must be cut off.
  • The machine should be stored in dry and clean environment without any corrosive gas. Hand sank should be placed in the specified place.
concrete power float machine
concrete power float machine

Repair and maintenance of concrete power float machine

  • Do not allow teenagers under 18 years old to close to the machine
  • Correctly use lifting or moving tool.
  • Maintain the machine regularly and make it in excellent operation status.
  • Test safety device before starting the machine, including engine emergency valve.
  • Please don’t put your foot/feet in guard circle. Make sure the operator is given appreciate protection suit, including feet protection.
  • Please don not leave alone started machine, to prevent unnecessary hurt
  • Please do not add gasoline to stared machine or machine which is in a high temperature. Please add gasoline under ventilative environment or far from flame or fire.
  • Please do not smoke when you add gasoline to the machine
  • Off-gas discharged by the engine may be poisonous gas. Please operate the machine in ventilative environment.
concrete power float machine
concrete power float machine

Now you have know what is a concrete power float machine but do you know how to choose a manufacturer to buy one?

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concrete power float machine
concrete power float machine