Two methods for construction site management of superflat floor

We have introduced Laser screed flooring advantages on floor with a large area in previous article. Details please refer to features of concrete laser screed flooring. In later articles we will continue to introduce you more knowledge about this topic, today we will introduce method for construction site management method of superflat floor.

In order to better accomplish each construction of large floor, comprehensive settlement and management of large-area floor construction, fundamentally avoid wrong operation construction situation in application of laser screed construction technology. Referring to method for construction site management of superflat floor, it can be accomplished through the following aspects:


Elimination of obstacles in construction site management of superflat floor.

In practical construction, all obstacles such as kennel, rubbish and telecommunication line in construction area is required to be eliminated, high-tension line and telecommunication shall be moved if approved by relevant departments, if there is any obstacle that can not be moved or dismantled, then constructor should execute adjustment or avoidance.

Measurement of construction site management of superflat floor

Measurement in site. Before carrying out large area floor construction, each control point shall be measured and detected in accordance with requirements of construction and owner, level point and horizontal control point is required to be measured after each coordinate point and altimetric point are determined, ensure each construction parameter in accordance with construction design.

Above is detailed method for construction site settlement and management of superflat floor, we will continue to discuss this topic in later articles. If you want to know more about concrete laser screed machine, please fell free to contact us in any time.


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