Concrete laser screed is used for superflat floor construction

Concrete laser screed machine is a high-precision equipment which accomplish fast leveling through real time control of leveling head by laser receiver.

As the development of economic society, requirements for floor quality such as strength, flatness and levelness of modern industrial, large supermarket, warehouse and other large area of cement concrete floor is increasingly higher, concrete laser screed machine is developed as a convenient tool to meet those requirements and create superflat floor.

concrete laser screed machine
concrete laser screed machine

Construction requirements for concrete and template before use of concrete laser screed machine to construct superflat floor.

1 Concrete construction requirements

  • The concrete must be produced transported to superflat floor project site by commodity concrete manufacturer.
  • Specification of concrete: C25-C30 concrete, strength no less than 25mpa in 28 days, details in accordance with design requirements.
  • Water cement ratio: no more than 0.5, water shall not be added optionally during feeding.
  • Cement: general portland cement no less than grade 42.5.
  • Aggregate: excellent grade of aggregate. Use broken granite or scree as coarse aggregate. The max diameter no less than 25mm. Use clean river sand as fine aggregate, fineness modulus 2.4-2.7.
  • Concrete mix proportion: cement quantity no less than 350kg/m3. In order to avoid quality problem generated on surface, sand coarse aggregate ratio shall be 35%-40%.
  • Concrete slump: 14±2cm, max 16cm.
  • Condensation period: initial condensation shall be 3-5 hours.

2 Template of superflat floor

In order to avoid oversize error of surface scale height on joint, steel template shall be applied. Scale height of template shall be between +0 and -2mm, steel template shall be placed 1-1.2m far from walls.

Concrete laser screed machine comes in handy after pouring of concrete. Now we will begin to introduce it.

concrete laser screed machine
concrete laser screed machine

Leveling of concrete laser screed machine

Laser leveling method is adopted by computer, so pulling control line is not needed, neither does conventional labor work to control floor scale height. The scale height is controlled by computer in real time and control frequency is 10 t/s, floor scale height can be controlled accurately.

Once initialization is finished, wherever the concrete laser screed moves to, scale height of the floor entirety poured won’t be affected

Leveling technology of concrete laser screed in superflat floor area

Scraper blade: used for scrape of over height concrete material, the remaining material of 19.1m height is left and constructed by spiral.

Feeding spiral: it rotates to single direction, from left to right, cuts concrete material and distribute it to required scale height.

Vibrator and leveling beam: vibration is generated by electric block, frequency is 3000 times/min, it drives the whole leveling beam and generates vibration and execute compaction.

concrete laser screed machine
concrete laser screed machine

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