Trowel machine application in concrete construction and preparatory work

One. Preparatory work before use of trowel machine

1. Construction of wear-resistant coat

Finishing pouring of concrete, use rubber tube or vacuum equipment to remove bleeding, repeat that step more than twice then begin to construct wear-resistant material. constructors shall wear flat bottomed rubber shoes in the middle stage of wear-resistant material construction and water-proof paper shoes in the last stage.

2. First bestrewing, troweling and pressing of wear-resistant material

1) Time or opportunity that bestrew wear-resistant is changed by climate, temperature and mix proportion of concrete. Earlier bestrewing will cause the wear-resistant material sink into concrete and lose effect; while later bestrewing will lose adhesive property and hinder wear-resistant material from combining with concrete and cause stripping because the concrete have been solidified. The way to decide bestrewing time is to stamp on it, when it sink 5mm, you can begin to the first bestrewing.    

 2)  Water desorption on side boundary such as wall, column and formwork is fast, so those places should be constructed preferentially to avoid decrease of effect caused by water desorption;

3) quantity of bestrewing for the first time is two thirds of the whole quantity, mixture should be dropped down equably, use wooden trowel to float after bestrew. After wear-resistant material absorbs enough water, use round trowel machine of 1m to milling.

trowel machine
trowel machine

Two. Construction by trowel machine

1.Usage of trowel machine to Bestrew, trowel and float wear-resistant material for the second time

1) use guiding rule or straight floating rule to measure levelness in the second bestrewing and adjust unevenness, direction of the second bestrewing should be vertical with that of the first bestrewing.

2) quantity of bestrewing for the second time is one third of the whole quantity, troweling and floating should be executed immediately after bestrew, replaced the roundle by four-patch trowel slice, use trowel machine to work for more than twice. The machine should work lengthways and horizontally in a uniform and orderly way, avoid aggregation of material. Corner should be treated by woody trowel.   

 3) when the surface material is hardened enough that it can be sunken by finger pressing, rotation and angle of trowel machine shall by adjusted according to hardness, The machine should work lengthways and horizontally more than three times.

trowel machine
trowel machine

surface modification and maintenance

  1. texture left on the surface after construction of trowel machine is a bit messy, in order to eliminate the texture, the last step is to press and float the surface orderly in one direction by thin steel.

2). after wear-resistance floor has been constructed for 5-6 hours, splash curing compound for maintenance, quantity of curing compound is 0. 2 litre per square meters or cover plastic film to prevent craze from water desorption, splash water for one week .

3). after wear-resistance floor has been construction for 24 hours, the film can be taken down, please not to damage edge of the floor. 

If you want to get more information about trowel machine, please refer to Operation of trowel machine and attentions need to be paid

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trowel machine
trowel machine

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