Operation of trowel machine and attentions need to be paid

For many new users operation of trowel machine is not easy, especial for walk behind trowel machine, the machine always walk toward the same direction wherever the operator direct it to, and it’s hard to pull it back. But for veteran, the operation is comfortable, some even can operate the machine only by one hand.

Actually in order to master walk behind trowel machine, one should not only stick to the principle of “ practice makes perfect”, he also need to know the key skill inertance of this machine. Inertance of of this machine is totally controlled by handle lever, offset of the machine makes it always walk toward the same direction. The inertance deflect when handle lever of trowel machine is pressed down or pulled up. When we hold the handle level on an appropriate position and make the inertance at the center, the machine will rotate in its place

trowel machine
trowel machine

Above is core skill for operation of walk behind trowel machine, now we will introduce detailed operation of this equipment bellow:.

  1. Check if the power supply is connect, ensure of electric circuit;
  2. Press shift knob and start trowel machine;
  3. Hold the machine, adjust balance screw until it is in balance;
  4. Construction is began after the above mentioned adjustment, the operator is only required to control its direction, putting forth all strength is not needed;
  5. Construction steps are the same as that of gasoline engine, trowel first and then polish, please note that plate on the bottom of trowel machine should be taken off during polishing, only vane is required for this step.
trowel machine
trowel machine

Operation of trowel machine decreases labor intensity and increases working efficiency to a great extent, it has better compactness effect to floor, construction effect is obviously better than other ordinary construction machine, it can perform fast mudding, machinery type rotation operating system, sensitive reaction, effortless control, equipped with excellent Honda engine, powerful and reliable motor and stable operation, all of which make the machine superior in construction industry. Unique handle leveler allow the operate control it safely.

Although trowel machine is easy to operate, the following matters need to be paid attention to:

  1. Before operation check if the engine, switch, cable and wire splice are normal, make sure they are conform to specifications and install leakage protector;
  2. Check and clean up sundries on trowel plate before usage to avoid bounce of the whole machine during operation;
  3. Execute test run after power supply is connected, the blade shall rotate in a clockwise direction, reverse rotation is not allowed;
  4. Operator shall wear a pair of insulated shoes and gloves, cable is taken by staff personnel, the staff personnel should also wear a pair of insulated shoes and gloves to prevent electric shock accident caused by cable insulating layer;
  5. If there is any problem with the machine, power supply must be cut off before repairing;
trowel machine
trowel machine

Above are operation methods of trowel machine, if you want to know more about trowel machine please click trowel machine for sale.

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