Used trowel machine and suggestions for purchase of it

What is used trowel machine

Just as its name implies, used trowel machine is a kind of trowel machine that has been used.

Concrete trowel machine machine is also called as power float, it is used for polishing concrete floor and make the floor smooth, this equipment is comprised of a gasoline engine driven rotor, 2-4 power trowels are installed in the middle of the rotor. It slants in the same direction of rotation. The machine begin to rotate and finish concrete floor when the gasoline engine is started.

Trowel machine has been widely used in multifarious concrete finishing projects. Wide usage of the products make used trowel machine popular, some enterprises chose used trowel machine for saving money.

used trowel machine
used trowel machine

1. Advantages of used trowel machine

Compared with new one, used trowel machine is very cheap, low price makes it popular to customers who want to earn money from concrete construction projects by little investment. For some enterprise who have cash flow problems, it is a good choice. You can buy brand new trowel machine after earn some money from concrete construction projects.

2. Disadvantages of used trowel machine

Although used trowel machine is cheap, it has some disadvantages, as we know, in trowel machine the gasoline engine drive the texrope and make the power trowel of the machine rotate, so engine is very import in this machine, if the engine occurs any problems, the machine will stop working.Used trowel machine will increase cost of replacement of parts because it often face to breakdowns in construction. It not only increases repairing costs but also increases working intensity of maintenance works, especially the time delayed by maintenance will greatly decrease customer’s profit. So used trowel machine is not a long term choice for enterprise who want to make big money from concrete construction industry.

used trowel machine
used trowel machine

3. Suggestions for purchase of used trowel machine

Used trowel machine won’t be used for long because of its quality, so if an enterprise wants to develop, it must choose brand new trowel machine when money permitted.

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used trowel machine
used trowel machine

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