Brief introduction of power float machine

Brief introduction of power float machine:

Power float machine is a machine for finishing of concrete surface, it performs both rough finishing and precise finishing. Floor finishing machine is also called as concrete power float machine. It is mainly consists of a trowel rotor driven by gasoline engine, there are 2-4 trowels on the bottom of the cross in the middle of rotor. When operate it, you should hold the operation handle, start the engine, then the trowel begins to rotate and finish concrete floor, power float machine can finish 100-300 square meters per days, its working efficiency is 3 times as human’s working efficiency. The surface finished by power float machine is more smooth and flat than that finished by human beings, It greatly enhances compactness and abrasive resistance.

Power float machine is classified as electronic power float machine and gasoline power float machine, electronic power float machine is driven by 380v three-phase supply, gasoline power float machine is driven by engine.

Power float machine is widely applied in high standard factory house, warehouse, parking, square, airport and frame-style buildings for purifying, flatting and finishing.

power float
power float

Operation of power float machine:

  1. Hold up the handle and start the power float machine.
  2. Adjust the balance rod, make the power float machine body stay balance.
  3. When the power float machine is in operation, it shall be handled steadily, and when is is working, you should adjust the direction in time, to avoid the machine lose of control.
  4. First coarse grinding, then fine grinding. After coarse grinding by millstone on the bottom, drop off the millstone and performance fine grinding when the floor is applicable for fine grinding.

If you master the control technology of power float machine you will find its operation is very easy, the key to operate it is to control the barycenter of the power float machine, then how to control the barycenter of the power float machine? You should control the handle rod, when you hold the handle rod and up it, the power float machine will walk to the left, and when you down the handle rod it will walk to the right, when you control the handle rod and make the barycenter at the center, the trowel machien will rotate in situ. 

power float
power float

Some customers can well control the power float machine without use of finishing plate, but when finishing plate is placed to performance finishing, even though they well control barycenter, the power float machine rotate in situ, the power float machine waggles in great range, it is hard to be controlled, that situation is caused by non doublication of bottom plate and barycenter of the machine body, barycenter of bottom plate and machine body are not at the same point, those two barycenters turn around each other, in such situation, make the machine body in balance and put botton plate.

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power float
power float

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