Technological process of superflat floor

Previously we have introduced what is superflat floor, development history and features of superflat floor. Detailed article see: what is superflat floor.

Some customers are wondering how to make superflat floor, because it is difficult to make the whole floor area in accordance with standard-specified scope on a large area. Addition to application of advanced machine, reasonable management process is also important.

laser screed macine for superflat floor
laser screed macine for superflat floor

1. Application scope of superflat floor

Superflat floor is mainly applied in: large storage center, logistic center, comprehensive delivery center of wholesale industry, super-narrow roadway warehouse, railway transportation storage center, shipment wharf, studio of TV show, skating area, manufacturing shop that use fine instrument and equipment, industry factory shop and aerospace manufacturing center with strict requirements to flatness of floor.

2. Technological process of superflat floor

1. Pre-operation:

debugging laser screed machine, make two fixed reference level according to original benchmark; place thin plastic film, strapping reinforcing mesh ( strapping in the whole large area),support side forms, set up laser screed machine, mark height of the floor on laser screed machine according to original benchmark.

2. Pavement of concrete:

within the valid scope (within 6.1m) of laser screed machine telescopic boom, labor is required to pave concrete roughly, the laser screed machine is operated to perform vibration, compaction and leveling one time.  

3. Perfusing of hardening material:

after initial solidification of the concrete ( 3-5mm print left by figure pressure text), uniformly perfuse 2/3 sclerous aggregate ( nonmetal aggregate or metal aggregate and alloy aggregate) and make them criss-cross, allow material adequately absorb water in concrete, use power trowel machine to trowel; them perfuse the remaining 1/3 sclerous aggregate, then leveling after troweling several times; use manual trowel to floating and leveling.

4. Maintenance and incision of expansion joint:

curing agent ( water with film, wax and solidification agent) is allowed to be used for maintenance after finishing construction; incision joint is appropriated to be made five to seven days after finishing construction, to avoid irregular chap, the space between incision joint is better to be six to eight meters ( generally it depends on distance of workshop), the line shall be snapped uniformly during incision, to make sure the incision joint neat and straight, depth of incision ( incision of expansion joint shall be at least one third of the depth of concrete base course. It may be used after twenty-eight days.

5. Other work:

1)Detection of flatness: F-meter or other measurement equipment with the same level to be used to detect the flatness. Details see: technology standard of superflat floor

2) Filling joint: filling poured joint fillers into incision joint.

laser screed macine for superflat floor
laser screed macine for superflat floor

Besides, detailed construction processes are shown in our technological guidance about usage of laser screed machine: Laser Screed for Sale.

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