Introduction of superflat floor and its features

What is superfloat floor

Superflat floor is a roadway area which limits forklift permanently use( that is to say limited traffic area), it is usually classified as “ superflat floor”, it levels newly poured concrete through high-precision laser screed machine and combines some floor construction technology, to accomplish some certain usage requirement; superflat floor is a high level floor with the worlds highest specification and standard, it is designed for enhancing floor flatness and abradability and extending floor service life. There are two types of laser screed machines as mentioned above, detailed specifications see the product page on our website : Laser screed for sale.   

power float
power float

Development history of superflat floor

As the development of laser and electronic technology and increasing needs of modern industry and business to floor decoration, international project began to use laser screed machine in construction of concrete floor from 1980s. That construction technology began to be practiced from the 40s-50s in European countries, Japan and Korea introduced that technology in 80s-90s, while China introduced it from the end of 90s, it is known by more people until today, it is listed as the norm of floor design and introduced relevant concrete floor flatness and levelness standard of ACI (Alloy Casting Institute) and CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences), it is called FF/FL standard, it is accomplished accurate leveling automation of concrete floor to ensure construction quality of floor. Nowadays it is widely used in many logistic companies, large storage center and big mall, which gets excellent effect, enhances working efficiency, saves cost, it is the necessity of excellent floor.

power float
power float

Features of superflat floor

  1. , save labor cost and decrease labor strength during construction, decrease craze rate of the floor after finishing;
  2. , make the floor surface more close-grained, supper flat and clean, and equal friction;
  3. , high-abrasive and withstand voltage, easy to care and clean
  4. , Forklifts, etc. run smoothly, fast, and highly efficiently without colliding with shelves and falling, and have a long service life;
  5. , High construction efficiency (100% -300% increase in work efficiency), more competitive

Shandong Hiking Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Is specialized in various laser leveler products. The laser leveler produced by Hiking  is used to accurately level the ground, so that many customers can make super-flat floors in large-scale concrete leveling projects without investing a lot of money.

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